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Sign O’ The Times
April 2, 2020
May 4 – 10: Mommyhood
May 4, 2020

For weeks, especially in the last few days, I’ve been consumed with the pandemic. As a christian, I know that I should choose ‘faith over fear’ and I’m well aware of Who is in control. But as I admitted on a recent post on Facebook – I’m scared!  I’m 51 and I have some preexisting conditions that add me to the vulnerable group. Typically, I’m able to relax my mind and come away from delveing too deeply into the rabitt hole of ‘what if’s’.  But at the core, I’m still afraid. I don’t want to write a dismal post at all, and while digging myself out of rabbit holes mentioned above, I have been able to find some positivity throughout this situation. But I struggle with mentioning them because I don’t want to belittle the enormity of what is going on. Especially with so many people leaving this earth.

Podcast Perspective

This morning, I listened to the Woman Evolve podcast from Sarah Jakes Roberts (shoutout to Rochanda Holman for the recommendation).  I love it!  It’s funny. It’s sassy. It’s Christian leaning. It’s woman empowering.  It’s a lot of fun.  The current episode entitled ‘Silver Lining’ really struck a chord.  She spoke of how when it’s cloudy and the sun hit’s the clouds just the right way you see a beautiful silver lining. The beautiful silver lining does not mean that the clouds are not still around… but it proves the sun is there as well, because it’s reflecting off of the clouds and creating the silver lining.  This made me realize that it is ok to look for, find, and focus on potential positives while still respecting the tragedies occurring.

So… here are a few things I consider to be silver linings during these very trying times.

5 Silver Linings

  1. I have been going to therapy for years. On my latest session I shared with my therapist that everything we had been talking about and working through suddenly do not seem important. Most of which were a big deal because I made them such. And now I choose  to reframe situations, refocus energies and just receive the blessings of my life as it it today.
  2. After moving into our home roughly two years ago, but still having to commute to our jobs in LA everyday, both my husband and I have remarked how we wished we were able to spend more time at, and enjoying our home… weekends just didn’t seem like enough time!  Well. Now we are spending a lot of time at home. I go into my office (where I am alone pretty much) twice a week and my husband (whose work is considered essential) goes into his office bi-weekly.  So… yea. Wish granted!  Not optimally but… that’s what it is.
  3. As I said above, many things just do NOT seem that important anymore. And with lots of free time (including a 3 hour reduction of my 5 hour commute), I’m now free to focus on what is important.  And that is my relationship with God. Now is the time to pursue meditation, and yoga, and read all the millions of books I’ve collected (digitally and physically). Plus a lot of Netflix 😉
  4. Clearly, there are many many jobs that could have been done at a home office. Many companies denied the productivity of this work style but are now forced to do it regardless. Now they will see what many of us have learned in the trenches. Fact is, as a designer, I’ve worked much harder at home and gotten more done there as opposed to working in the office.
  5. Over the last week alone I have reached out and reconnected with people I haven’t talked to in quite some time.  Just felt like having a few words with people who I appreciate but don’t often speak to. I love how it almost always feels like old times, like we never trailed off.

So. During this very hard time in life, what silver linings are you finding?

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