August 5, 2019
Jon B Concert
August 30, 2019

So we are going on a year in our new home (I guess new and year don’t really go together do they?) and we finally made out way over to our neighbors (who have been inviting us over since we moved in). They were the first to speak to us, literally the day we moved in, and told us how happy they were to have us in the neighborhood. We immediately exchanged numbers, which we text from time to time mostly, and keep an eye on each others property when deemed necessary. LOL

It’s not the first time we’ve had neighbors. It is, however, the first time we’ve been this neighborly. I guess in a way we are really settling in. This ‘visit’ was actually brought on by the fact that Mike, just had knee surgery and we wanted to check on him. It became a good reason to go kick it for a few hours.

Lori and Mike shared with us about the neighborhood (Lori has been here since the being ~ 1989) and community problems, opinions on what is wrong… etc. Lots of laughter and just a great time. They showed us their backyard, which we’ve eyeballed many times from our own, but it was nice to see it up close and personal. They have offered us to take a dip in their pool any time we like, which I’m sure we will take advantage of some day.

It feels really nice to call this place home and to have some great new neighbors.

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