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my first facial experience.

September 16, 2019
Jon B Concert
August 30, 2019
September 30, 2019

Several months ago my sweet friend Melanie gifted me a certificate for a facial. I was so excited. Yet, I held onto it for a special occasion (I’m weird like that), and as fate would have it – this special occasion arrived: my 51st birthday!

There were a few lil issues leading up to the appointment but I have chosen to focus on the positives.  The experience was great! The music and scents were so relaxing. The room was dark and the table was comfortable. Her touch was so soft and gentle. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep several times during the process (which she had informed me might happen). One moment though, she was taking care of a pimple … and … OUCH!  But I appreciated it cause hey ~ she was giving me sexy face!

At the end, she asked how my skin felt. I didn’t really know how to describe it (until I sat down to write this blog review). She asked if it felt clean – it did!!! It feels supple. It feels soft. It feels hydrated. It feels sexy! I feel sexy!

So. Beauty Never Expires won a ‘Best of Riverside’ award which is major! And I see why. She did a wonderful job. She’s a beautiful lady and her skin is definitely a testimony of her skin care abilities.

Now. Aside from the wonderful facial experience (body), I also had a lot of time for some introspection while lying on the table. First and foremost: I have got to treat myself to stuff like this more regularly. Secondly, I have got to recreate the ambiance of that office! It was so peaceful! I left there feeling like I got much more than a refreshed face (mind). Also, sis was bout business. There were some lil issues leading up to the appointment that had me, as a client slightly put off. But rather than pitch a hissy fit, I showed grace (spirit). She came in, and got straight down to business and did a wonderful job. I definitely plan to go back.

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