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May 4 – 10: Mommyhood

Silver Linings
April 3, 2020
Always Creative
July 1, 2020

Happy Monday!

Well… this week ends with Mother’s Day. So. It’s gonna begin with it too! LOL. It doesn’t help that there is a huge box from San Antonio Winery sitting here that I have been forbidden to open until the actual day.  I wonder what’s in it?! *wink*


Honestly. My three most favorite people in the world are my kids. They are all grown and gone out of the nest living their lives, but I tell you. Mommy’ing don’t stop.  It evolves. It’s a weird stage for sure.  I always wondered what they’d be like when they grew up.  Now I know.  More on that on Tuesday in the blog.


When trying to think of a great song to launch the week, I honestly was having problem. I settled on ‘Mama Used To Say’ by Junior, even though initially I didn’t want it. I wanted something more heartfelt. But when I actually listened to the lyrics I realized it was perfect. Moms give loving wisdom as only a mom can. So many times, even my husband can be heard saying ‘my mom always said…’.

Anyway. More on that later.  For now ~ Have a fantastic week. Stay safe and stay home!

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