March 23 – 29: DaRona

March 23, 2020
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March 3, 2020
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March 25, 2020

Happy Monday!

Well. Wow. We are quarantining.  In the year of our Lord Twenty Twenty.  We are isolating and working from home and not touching people and wearing masks and hoarding.  But. It can also be a time for us to have some me time, introspection, being with the very few that really matter.  For now, we just gotta do things differently.


Thinking of things that can be accomplished whilst hunkering down. What used to be 100% audiobook time, can now be converted to actual reading. All the shows, movies that were in que to watch someday… the time is now! And with the ability to now watch with others (a la Netflix Party). Those business ideas I’ve put off for weeks (or a decade) can now be pursued. And.  I can blog… consistently…

Of course I can also spend a lot of quality time with hubs. And we can get some things done around the house too.  I’ll stick to the positives and leave this be for now. LOL


Introspection… yes. This weeks song “Find Your Way Back” by Beyonce is what 51 Going On 15 is all about. I’m definitely still midlife struggling.

Have a fantastic week. Stay safe and stay home!

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