A Mint Opportunity
July 3, 2020

This week, I will be focusing on my journey in the creative realm, my personal testimony on how I landed a gig as an in house designer, where I am currently and what I hope to do in the near future.  This post is part 3 of my 4 part design journey.

I was working at House of Blues as an Executive Secretary to the SVP of Marketing. During lunch, I’d pull out my trusty laptop and work on my creative craft. Learning. Experimenting. Playing. But I was tired and weary of dabbling in design.  I wanted a real full time job. But apparently my stint working for Mint Condition and jacking code and designing ‘cool’ graphics, didn’t account for much. Most places were even looking for educational experience in addition to many many years of work experience.  I had grown extremely weary. And decided I was done. Obviously my desire to be a designer was not my calling, even if it seemed at time to be my gift.

I prayed to God, that if it wasn’t for me to be that He would take away the desire to continue design completely. But that if it was what I was meant to do that He would make it abundantly and undeniably clear. And boy did he.

A co-worker (a designer) that had moved on from House of Blues to a new gig had apparently shared with her supervisor about me as they were hiring … FOR A DESIGNER! I received, quite unexpectedly, a call from a big wig at a company I had never heard of who was asking me a bunch of questions about my experience and what I did at HOB. Mind you none of it was really about design but that was just fine with me. Long story short, he put me in touch with the Digital Marketing Director (I don’t remember her title at the time, so don’t quote me there). I had to to a ‘panel’ interview with her, and two other people – one of which was the co-worker who had dropped my name in the hat!

Based on previous situations, I didn’t think I would get the job. However I was kinda amazed at the timing (i.e. the prayer). Lo and behold – I GOT THE JOB! I was a real true in house designer for AEG Live.  So not only did I get a dope job, but it was in the music industry!!! I was so excited. I am a firm believer that prayer works. I just had never experienced it working quite like that. But I’ll take it!

I worked for AEG Live, mostly creating banners and ecards. My very first project was for the Justin Timberlake tour. I also worked on The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and many more.  But we also created social media images for promotion on facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.  Simultaneously, I continued as a freelance designer creating marketing materials for branding events, design and launch of websites, pre-event promotion materials; conference materials including branding of flyers, table tops, presenter decks and more.

About 9 years in, well after the novelty of being ‘in house’ had worn off, I longed for something else but wasn’t sure that exactly. I had done a LOT of freelance stuff and felt that if I had to time to get organized better I could really make a go at it. But the thought of not having a full time job (i.e. consistent income) made that somewhat of an impossibility. I was actually growing more and more despondent at the job. My heart wasn’t there anymore. Changes had occurred and it was just different. But I was unable to make a move. I felt stuck.

Once again, the God I believe in, intervened. I got my walking papers!

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