Jon B Concert

August 5, 2019
Mind, Body & Soul…
my first facial experience.
September 16, 2019

Jon B Concert

Jon. B is the  crush of my young adult years. Suuuuch a cutie, with a beautiful voice and most of all, he loves black women.  *Cool points!* .

Jon has eluded me for quite some time. His concerts never seemed to be in the area and were typically rather out of the way. So when the magical opportunity to see him live and in person presented itself – I was all over it!

Kind of.

I literally only bought my ticket 2 days before the event and then only after I determined God wanted me to go because every time I refreshed the purchase screen, the seat I was eyeing was STILL available. God. So. I finally hit ‘Purchase’ and it’s a done deal!

Now you may have noticed I said ticket (singular) and not tickets (plural). It was not a typo. I went to the concert solo. You see. My husband said he would go, if I wanted him to, which loosely translates into ‘Heck no I don’t wanna go, but I will if it’ll keep you from pouting’.  Little did he know, I didn’t really want him to go.  Not that I didn’t want to be with him, I love hanging with him. But I also know that he can care less about Jon B.  Plus we had a situation regarding the other time I saw Jon B.  (I guess I lied about not seeing him… one day I will have to rehash that story but for now, just go along with me on this being my first actual Jon B. show).  The thing is, although I would be alone, I would be free to focus on the event and not sweat the discomfort and displeasure of my beloved (like last time *sigh*)

So I make it to the venue relatively early, which is magical traveling a distance in Friday night traffic.  Outside of the venue I hear someone call my name. It was my friend Nakita!  She was in attendance with some of her girlfriends.  Would have been cool to hang with them, but I had purchased a seat in a different area. And let me tell you HOW AMAZING MY SEAT WAS!!!!  I was LITERALLY 5 chairs from the stage!!!

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