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March 02 – 08
March 2, 2020
March 23 – 29: DaRona
March 23, 2020

I am a commuter.  I mean, I am a super commuter.  5 hours round trip, 4 times a week.  The only thing that keeps me sane is music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

I typically start with a chapter of a book, but sometimes, especially depending on the reader, that get’s old QUICKLY!  Podcasts are a great alternative as they are often interview format or at least have more than one voice chiming in. There are several platforms to listen to Podcasts on. My favorite is Spotify.  One issue I have with Spotify though, is I have found myself wishing I could change the order in which the podcasts are played.  I often download them randomly, according to the time the creator pushes them out, or as I happen to find them.  I do not, however always want to listen to them in that order.  Since I am driving, I shouldn’t be fiddling around with my phone so… I’m stuck listening to selections in whatever order it’s served up.

Then, I noticed they offer a curated playlist called ‘Your Daily Drive’, which compiles news podcasts and music. Very cool.  Except, I’m not typically wanting to listen to news and current events. I get enough of that elsewhere.  Plus, I didn’t necessarily want to hear the music selections on the list (looks to be from songs I’ve ‘liked’), nor was I excited about the news outlet choices.

But then!  I was downloading some podcasts in preparation for my commute and for some reason hit the “…” in the upper right hand corer.  Mind you I have done so before to download or to share an episode.  But this time, I saw ‘Add to Playlist’.  WHAT?!  I dunno when that came to be because I’m sure I looked for this before… but there it was!  I knew that when songs are in a playlist, I could order them the way I wanted them. I excitedly expected I could do the same with podcasts in a playlist. Even better, I was thrilled to learn that I could also put music selections with the podcasts, thereby creating the perfect commute playlist!!!!! Two actually!

My morning playlist features inspirational and uplifting music (like Mary Mary,  Kirk Franklin, India Arie) coupled with podcasts like Woman Evolve w/Sarah Jakes Roberts, Elevation w/Steven Furtick, On Purpose w/ Jay Shetty … you see what I’m doing here? This is stuff that puts me in a positive frame of mind in preperation for the day.  It’s also an optimal time for business related podcasts like Christy Wright’s Business Boutique.

My evening playlist features music with a lil more bass (laughing). Typically R&B (like H.E.R.), or old school (like RFTW or The Time) and when I need the big guns (when traffic is relentless and/or I am sleepy) I kick in some hip hop (a la Kendrick Lamar).  My podcast tastes differ in the evening as well.  I love the hilarity of Righteous & Ratchet and the realness of The Love Hour and other marriage podcasts like The Naked Marriage.

So as you can imagine, this lil find, being able to put podcasts in playlists with music selections, and even better, in my desired order, is life (read: commute) changing!  If you have any tricks, do share!  I’ll be posting about my favorite podcasts soon, although I put much more in this post than I had originally planned too. La Vie!

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