My Weekly Wish

July 4, 2020

LIVE Design

I prayed to God, that if it wasn’t for me to be that He would take away the desire to continue design completely. But that if it was what I was meant to do that He would make it abundantly and undeniably clear. And boy did he.

July 3, 2020

A Mint Opportunity

I used what I had learned by piecing together code, to create an actual website… a fan site! I scoured the internet to find all the information I could on the band and finally output a pretty decent site (for the time).

July 1, 2020

Always Creative

I honestly don’t remember a time where I wasn’t doing something creative.

May 4, 2020

May 4 – 10: Mommyhood

Mom so hard...

April 3, 2020

Silver Linings

The beautiful silver lining does not mean that the clouds are not still around... but it proves the sun is there as well, because it's reflecting off of the clouds and creating the silver lining.  This made me realize that it is ok to look for, find, and focus on potential positives while still respecting the tragedies occurring.

April 2, 2020

Sign O’ The Times

During this time of sadness and fear, the need to share pertinent information to the masses is extremely important. Everyday, I watch a press conference from the President, the Governor and the Mayor of Los Angeles County to learn the latest surrounding the pandemic. (I will be cutting back on this Coronavirus consumption in the coming days because it's just too much!).  Aside. I have grown quite fascinated with an activity that occurs during the entirety of each press conference.  It's actually been an interest for sometime, but I definitely see how important it is at this time.

April 1, 2020

Something To Blog About

I sit in front of my computer... at my desk; in a recliner chair; outside with my iPad. I'm ready to go. And I sit.  And I sit. Staring at a blank screen!  Not always a blank screen. I have about 2 dozen started posts that simply need fleshing out. I am, by all accounts, ready to roll... and yet ~ I feel I still need something to blog about!!!!

March 25, 2020

Faith over …

I’ve been an introvert all of my life.  Although growing up, I never really knew there was an actual name for it. And the term, when used, always seemed to have a negative connotation.  Fortunately things have changed dramatically. And being an introvert is acceptable and claimed by many. 

March 23, 2020

March 23 – 29: DaRona

Well.  Wow.  We are quarantining. 

March 3, 2020

Commuter Chronicles: Spotify Playlists

I typically start with a chapter of a book, but sometimes, especially depending on the reader, that get's old QUICKLY!  Podcasts are a great alternative as they are often interview format or at least have more than one voice chiming in. There are several platforms to listen to Podcasts on. My favorite is Spotify.  One issue I have with Spotify though, is I have found myself wishing I could change the order in which the podcasts are played.  I often download them randomly, according to the time the creator pushes them out, or as I happen to find them.  I do not, however always want to listen to them in that order.  Since I am driving, I shouldn't be fiddling around with my phone so... I'm stuck listening to selections in whatever order it's served up.

March 2, 2020

March 02 – 08

This week, I'm feelin' love. Of self... Of the Lord.

February 12, 2020

My Bucket List

I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘bucket list’.  I think, perhaps, it leads me to believe that I’m on the course to death.  I mean. I know I am; We all are. But I just prefer not to think about it.  Interestingly enough, something happened when I turned 50. All of a sudden I felt like time was running out. Like I hadn’t done enough in the years I’d been blessed with. My therapist asked ‘what is it you think you are missing out on doing’.  I couldn’t say. Thus begun my quest to identify and create my bucket list. read more

February 11, 2020

February Book: Mating In Captivity
by Esther Perel

So I’m kinda losing my junk over Esther Perel right now. This woman is so well educated and in tune with humans in relationships. It’s very fascinating to say the least. I’ve been knee deep in her Ted Talks, Podcasts and now I’ve downloaded her (audio) book “Mating In Captivity”.  I’ve only just started the book but if it’s anything like the rest of her work, which I’m sure it is, it’s going to be phenomenal.

What made me want to get this book? read more

January 31, 2020


Sunday morning I’m tooling around the house after chit chatting with the neighbors across the street. My hubby had returned to doing his yard work. My phone bings and alerts me to a new message.  It’s from my youngest son to all five of us in our family chat.  He asked had we heard any rumor that Kobe Bryant had died. My first thought was that this definitely had to be a mistake. He is, after all, Kobe Bean Bryant. He has everything.  How could he die?

So. I’m embarrassed to say that my first resource was Facebook. Surely ‘facebook’ would put this nonsense to rest right?  Instead I found post after post about Kobe going down in a helicopter crash. It was originally reported by TMZ. And I hate to say it, but TMZ is usually right.  Also, other outlets were quoting TMZ so they too recognized their superior means for obtaining fresh news. (I didn’t know how fresh that news was until later when it was reported that the family hadn’t even been notified!!!! Disgusting). read more

December 7, 2019

The battle of the bulge.

This was originally posted as a rant on FB. I dunno why I didn't post this on my blog to begin with?! I received comments from a lot of folks felling the same way.  I'm glad I am not alone.  I got one negative (indirect) response - but i'm not gonna give any more commentary/thought to that.

Anywho... what I had said was:

September 30, 2019


I just finished watching episode 18 of season 2 of GrownIsh, wherein several of the young ladies came to realize that they are compromising in their relationships. Word?! Oddly this was super refreshing to me. As a 51 year old woman, I honestly felt as if this was something specific to my generation. Apparently not. This show is focused on millennials…. shoot, maybe even younger than millennials! Anyway ~ I love it.

Looking back, I’m not quite sure where this began for me… the inclination to choose the needs/desires of others over myself, but I am knee deep in it. I’m actually was made aware of it roughly a year ago in therapy. And honestly, it’s still something I’m struggling with and working on. In fact, I was doing pretty ok for a while but amid life changes had begun to regress. Clearly there is a lot of work still to be done. This show (which originally aired months ago) was a reminder of that work. read more

September 16, 2019

Mind, Body & Soul…
my first facial experience.

Several months ago my sweet friend Melanie gifted me a certificate for a facial. I was so excited. Yet, I held onto it for a special occasion (I’m weird like that), and as fate would have it – this special occasion arrived: my 51st birthday!

There were a few lil issues leading up to the appointment but I have chosen to focus on the positives.  The experience was great!

The music and scents were so relaxing. The room was dark and the table was comfortable. Her touch was so soft and gentle. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep several times during the process (which she had informed me might happen). One moment though, she was taking care of a pimple … and … OUCH!  But I appreciated it cause hey ~ she was giving me sexy face! read more

August 30, 2019

Jon B Concert

Jon. B is the  crush of my young adult years. Suuuuch a cutie, with a beautiful voice and most of all, he loves black women.  *Cool points!* .

Jon has eluded me for quite some time. His concerts never seemed to be in the area and were typically rather out of the way. So when the magical opportunity to see him live and in person presented itself – I was all over it!

Kind of.

I literally only bought my ticket 2 days before the event and then only after I determined God wanted me to go because every time I refreshed the purchase screen, the seat I was eyeing was STILL available. God. So. I finally hit ‘Purchase’ and it’s a done deal!

Now you may have noticed I said ticket (singular) and not tickets (plural). It was not a typo. I went to the concert solo. You see. My husband said he would go, if I wanted him to, which loosely translates into ‘Heck no I don’t wanna go, but I will if it’ll keep you from pouting’.  Little did he know, I didn’t really want him to go.  Not that I didn’t want to be with him, I love hanging with him. But I also know that he can care less about Jon B.  Plus we had a situation regarding the other time I saw Jon B.  (I guess I lied about not seeing him… one day I will have to rehash that story but for now, just go along with me on this being my first actual Jon B. show).  The thing is, although I would be alone, I would be free to focus on the event and not sweat the discomfort and displeasure of my beloved (like last time *sigh*)

So I make it to the venue relatively early, which is magical traveling a distance in Friday night traffic.  Outside of the venue I hear someone call my name. It was my friend Nakita!  She was in attendance with some of her girlfriends.  Would have been cool to hang with them, but I had purchased a seat in a different area. And let me tell you HOW AMAZING MY SEAT WAS!!!!  I was LITERALLY 5 chairs from the stage!!!

August 5, 2019


So we are going on a year in our new home (I guess new and year don’t really go together do they?) and we finally made out way over to our neighbors (who have been inviting us over since we moved in). They were the first to speak to us, literally the day we moved in, and told us how happy they were to have us in the neighborhood. We immediately exchanged numbers, which we text from time to time mostly, and keep an eye on each others property when deemed necessary. LOL

It’s not the first time we’ve had neighbors. It is, however, the first time we’ve been this neighborly. I guess in a way we are really settling in. This ‘visit’ was actually brought on by the fact that Mike, just had knee surgery and we wanted to check on him. It became a good reason to go kick it for a few hours. read more

Mom so hard...

May 4, 2020

May 4 – 10: Mommyhood

Mom so hard...

March 23, 2020

March 23 – 29: DaRona

Well.  Wow.  We are quarantining. 

March 2, 2020

March 02 – 08

This week, I'm feelin' love. Of self... Of the Lord.