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July 1, 2020
LIVE Design
July 4, 2020

This week, I will be focusing on my journey in the creative realm, my personal testimony on how I landed a gig as an in house designer, where I am currently and what I hope to do in the near future.  This post is part 2 of my 4 part design journey.

The internet was booming! I happened upon a music board (iMusic) which had pages for various artists. Of course I checked to see if there was one for my favorite group ~ of course there was. This was a magical moment for me. I met some people who liked this band as much as I did. Looking back, we definitely put the ‘fanatic’ in ‘fan’. Of course, me being the extra person I am, and in this instance, by extra I mean ‘creative’, I used what I had learned by piecing together code, to create an actual website… a fan site! I scoured the internet to find all the information I could on the band and finally output a pretty decent site (for the time).

That brings back a lot of memories of some really good times. I befriended a lot of people that I still connect with today! Sniff

Anyway. I’m sure you can tell how much I love the band Mint Condition yea? So imagine how thrilled I was to learn that they had found my lil ‘fan site’ and loved it!  Apparently they had been peeping it and wondering how I obtained so much info on them. Someone from their camp reached out to me and my friend Silvia and invited us to meet the band. Say word?!  We were invited to a video shoot (a dream of mine, because… creative right? In fact, over the next several years, I attended 3 video shoots! But let me not rush.)  Somewhere in my digital files is proof of the wretched event. I call it wretched because 1) it was hotter than the butt crack of hell in that hanger, and 2) I was suuuuuuuuper star struck!!! The photo is of me and my friend Silvia with the lead singer between us.  The term ‘deer in headlights’ comes to mind. I’m glad I can’t find the photo!

Anyway. Eventually, out of appreciation for all that I had accomplished with the fan site, they asked if I’d like it to be the official fan site. Uhm – duh.  Over time, because of my work as the community manager, webmaster, graphic artist, I was asked to maintain the official website. Such an honor. Also very moral boosting.  It was just the nudge I needed!

In addition to working for the band, I also was doing a pretty decent amount of freelancing.  By now I was working at House of Blues as the Exec. Admin. For the SVP of Marketing.  But my heart was set on being an in house designer… you know, a professional.  I was always bugging the designers, but felt that with my experience wasn’t necessarily enough to get my foot in the door. I looked around a bit hoping to find something in the profession I dreamed of being a part of. But these jobs wanted to serious experience and moreso, education. My boast about being self-taught didn’t seem like such a cool thing anymore. I was ready to throw in the towel. Yet I felt like it was my destiny. It just hadn’t manifested yet. I wasn’t sure what God’s intention was here… but I was super frustrated. Maybe this was indeed it for me in the design world.

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When you look back over your lifetime, can you identify moments that didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but turned out to be pivotal?

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